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erg chegaga desert tours We are thrilled to announce that our ERG CHEGAGA SAHARA DESERT TOUR WITH CAMEL RIDDING has been chosen as an Unordinary Trip of the Month by, the #1 travel portal on the Internet specialized in the out of ordinary adventures. As a major Moroccan tour operator, we are truly excited to see this highlight and believe this is a great opportunity to further promote international tourism in Morocco, inciting more people from all over the world to come and explore our beautiful country.

What's the deal between standard and luxury desert camping?

Do you wonder that? Are you thinking to possibly upgrading but are not sure if it's worth it to spend the extra cash? 

Well, there is big differences between standard and luxury camping. Though needless to say some luxury camps are really not luxury, but rather transition between standard and luxury in spite of calling themselves luxury.  Choose wisely when upgrading your stay to luxury camp. 

Luxury Hotels spilling like beans all over Morocco 

hotelMorocco continues to be hot destination for many travelers, and many new exciting luxury hotels and resorts are opening all around the country. Here is our selected list: 

 Mandarin Oriental  - Marrakech 2015

Resort that open this year of 2015 is located outside of Marrakech about 15 minues away from city center. It is set amidst of 20 hectares of gardens with the breathtaking views of the High Atlas Mountains in background. This resort features 54 private villas that have been decorated in Berber and Moorish style. Each villa has its own wall garden, swimming pool and hot tub. Yet, there are another nine extraordinary suites with rooftop plunge pool and panoramic views. Guests can enjoy variety of restaurants and bars serving local as well as international cusine. The Spa at Mandarine Oriental in Marrakech is expansive with private terraces, suites and design for outdoor treatments too. Part of the spa is fitness center, indoor heated pool, yoga studio and beauty salons.

Morocco with love or hate?

Rissani Now and then I read blogs or comments how Morocco has someone dissapointed and they would never want to return, nor would they recommend the country for anyone. Then you have other travelers that keep returning to Morocco and absolutely adore it. 

I wonder why is that, what makes some people love Morocco and others hate?

Cost of Admissions to sights Morocco

Hassan II mosque CasablancaWe rarely include cost of entrance fees on our Moroccan tailored itineraries. It is because often clients don't  visit all the sights, there might be too tired, and therefore it is more convenient leaving it open. We are not getting any advantageous admission rates anyway unless it is a larger group. 

Meknes - "Moroccan Versailles"

MeknesMeknes is not on a bucket list of Morocco. It is not highly recommend it destination. Which is such a shame! It is just one of the Imperial Cities that travelers go to out of convenience as it is close to its more famous neighbor Fes. Spend the time in Meknes, the city deserves a night or two!

Meknes was a bit of unknown to me too. Marrakech, I know well as I live there and Fes have visited on so many occasions. It was time to spend few nights in Meknes to get to know the city better.

Tips for visiting Morocco by eyes of one of our past traveller.

IMG 6471

1. Turkish toilets are the norm in Morocco although your driver will do his best to get you to a stop with a western toilet. That said, the ladies in your group might do well to get something called a "P-Mate" from EMS or REI. In a pinch, it makes using such toilets much easier. Also, be sure to carry tissue packets with you. Bathrooms rarely have paper.

2. Purell is a must!; bring plenty.

3. Buy bottled water to use in your Riad room. With gas is best but I found it hard to buy. Be sure to use it to brush your teeth as well as for drinking. Stay away from any drink that contains ice cubes.

4. Check the CDC site for the current recommendations for immunizations. Don and I had Typhoid shots and Hepatitis A before we left.

5. Ask your primary MD for scripts for Ciprofloxin and fill it before you go. I got sick in Morocco and used mine; Don remained healthy throughout the trip.

6. Get an extra battery for your camera before traveling. You'll be amazed at how many pictures you'll be taking. Kodak moments abound!

7.If you go to Agadir, be careful of the taxi drivers!!! They are renowned for ripping you off. Specify the price of the ride before you set off!! We found that restaurants in Agadir often offer their own pick up and return drivers at no extra cost. Safer way to travel.

Easy Jet flying direct to Essaouira (possible itineraries)

Port Essaouira Starting May 2015 Easy Jet introduced new flight route from London Luton to Essaouira. Direct flights operate two times a week on Monday and Friday. It is great news for many travelers.

Essaouira is great destination for its peaceful; relax medina and seagulls soaring, and screaming over the town and mixed smells of fish gut, damp sea, thuya wood and aromatic spices. There is so much history in the old houses surrounding the medina, the rich Jewish quarter and the old ramparts protecting the city from the Atlantic sea. Nearby to Essaouira you can enjoy some undulating beaches that satisfy eye of any discern traveler.

But what we find so cool about it is the possibility of different route paths this opens for travelers.  Essaouira is well located and offers excellent opportunity for touring the country too.

There are many itineraries one can think of starting from Essaouira. Here is one of our favorites but remember that our tours are customized so can be really crafted to your perfect Moroccan holiday.

Single Female traveling in Morocco 

single women in Morocco On occasion we get travelers, single women, planning their Moroccan holiday. Their main concern is safety. We understand, traveling as single women in unknown African country with Muslim religion might not appear safe, BUT it is.

However, some precautions should be taken to ensure enjoyable experiences.

We have gathered here few tips from my personal incidences (don’t have too many as often I travel with my husband or at least my daughter) and from our client’s experiences. 

Why choose Your Morocco Tour for travel in Morocco?

IMG 7429 On occasion we receive email from potential clients asking what makes Your Morocco Tour special? How are we different from other companies? Why should I choose you for the ground arrangements in Morocco?

Here are few differences that we believe makes us better and differentiate us from others.