Tips for visiting Morocco by eyes of one of our past traveller.

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1. Turkish toilets are the norm in Morocco although your driver will do his best to get you to a stop with a western toilet. That said, the ladies in your group might do well to get something called a "P-Mate" from EMS or REI. In a pinch, it makes using such toilets much easier. Also, be sure to carry tissue packets with you. Bathrooms rarely have paper.

2. Purell is a must!; bring plenty.

3. Buy bottled water to use in your Riad room. With gas is best but I found it hard to buy. Be sure to use it to brush your teeth as well as for drinking. Stay away from any drink that contains ice cubes.

4. Check the CDC site for the current recommendations for immunizations. Don and I had Typhoid shots and Hepatitis A before we left.

5. Ask your primary MD for scripts for Ciprofloxin and fill it before you go. I got sick in Morocco and used mine; Don remained healthy throughout the trip.

6. Get an extra battery for your camera before traveling. You'll be amazed at how many pictures you'll be taking. Kodak moments abound!

7.If you go to Agadir, be careful of the taxi drivers!!! They are renowned for ripping you off. Specify the price of the ride before you set off!! We found that restaurants in Agadir often offer their own pick up and return drivers at no extra cost. Safer way to travel.

8.Bring plenty of sunscreen! You'll need it and when you can buy it there, it's very pricey.

9. Have a pocket full of change each day. The social system in Morocco is non-existent and we gave beggars change often. It was much appreciated.

10. If you are staying in a medina ( which I hope you will!), be sure to know the name of the gate closest to your riad. This way, you can ask directions to return you to a certain gate. School boys will walk you back to a gate for 12 dirham ( 25 cents).  It's very easy to get disoriented in the medinas and you don't want to waste time being lost. There's so much to see!

11. There is a famous square in Marrakech; sorry I forgot the name. You need to go there twice; once in the day time and again at night. Be careful of the street food offered. We never touched it. One fellow was chiming out: try my food. :I guarantee no diarrhea for 2 years!!!. Very amusing but best not to eat it. Stick to the restaurants recommended by the riads for dining. Your driver will also know where to stop for lunch and safely eat the food.

Written by B., posted September 2015