Single Female traveling in Morocco 

single women in Morocco On occasion we get travelers, single women, planning their Moroccan holiday. Their main concern is safety. We understand, traveling as single women in unknown African country with Muslim religion might not appear safe, BUT it is.

However, some precautions should be taken to ensure enjoyable experiences.

We have gathered here few tips from my personal incidences (don’t have too many as often I travel with my husband or at least my daughter) and from our client’s experiences. 

  1. Dress Modestly 

Women will get unwanted attention from Moroccan man especially walking as single girl on the streets. They generally use catcalling and some might use straight up come-ons, very rarely unwanted physical attention such as groping.  The best way to avoid it is to merge with the clothing as similar to the Moroccan women. We recommend long skirts and loose, long sleeve shirts or even possibly wearing djellabas (there are comfortable!) even consider using headscarf loose wrap around your head. It will help and you might even get better deals from the shopkeepers! 

   2. Be confident, direct and polite 


Appearing confident, strong women it will scare man off.  We recommend avoid any eye contact (best is to wear sun glasses) and put your head up, make firm steps, like you know where you going. Possibly consider wearing wedding ring that will turn some of them away.  Be firm but polite, direct but never rude. 

   3. Be prepared, you will have better time 

We are not saying that in spite of covering your body in proper clothes you will not be harassed by man and called all kinds of names. But be prepared for that.  Honestly it is difficult to say whether it is better to ignore it or respond to it, but sure don’t go on lengthy conversation leading the man wrong way. 

Moroccan women

  4. Don't walk alone at night and avoid any huge gatherings, concerts 


The old cities, medinas, of Marrakech, Fes as well as other cities are empty, deserted towns at night. Don’t walk alone in the streets in the middle of the night. Be at your riad by about 10pm 

 5. Hire a guide, especially true in Fes and Marrakech 


Hiring responsible guide either through your riad or travel agency is recommend it. The medina is a maze of streets and at first it is difficult to navigate.  Going on guided tour will help you get sense of the streets and you are also walking accompanied by an official guide so no one will pay any kind of attention to you!  

  6. In case something happens, make a scene!

In case if something unpleasant is to happen then we highly recommend to make a scene! People around you, including Moroccans will come to help you and scold your attacker.  Remember that in every city in the old towns there is a tourist police (Brigade Touristique) so ask for them to help you. Often just mentioning their name gets people scared off.

Or if you are close to some store walk in and start looking at the merchandise, the shopkeeper most likely will help you to get rid off that unwanted man attention. 

If you are away from the city pretend to make phone call to your husband asking him to get you that you are being pursue by unwanted attention. They might not understand everything, but they will get the message and will wear off. 

  7. Go on a tour

Going on an organize tour will ensure that you are well taken care off every time. You will not be harassed but opposite you will be protected, ensuring you are safe. Choose the tour and driver/guide well!

We had arranged several tours a year for single female women travelers.

We offer them experienced, knowledgeable drivers that will always help women in any kind of way.  Customize and flexible itineraries, outstanding quality and genuine experiences. 

Moroccan tour

  8. Learn few Moroccan phrases


La Shukran  (no thank you)

Sir hag      (go away)

Shooma   (shame on you, not nice )