Trekking through Sahara desert


Please note that you will be accompanied by guides who know the desert very well. They have grown in the Sahara desert and are usually from Nomad families who recently settled. They are compassionate and will give you a magical experience of discovering the Sahara desert.

You will have the option to take the hike either on foot or on the back of a camel, with the possibility to alternate as you wish. Breaks are scheduled at regular intervals during the hike. You walk (ride camel) 4 to 5 hours a day.

Every night, your guides set up bivouac (Nomad tent) for you.

The chef prepares a delicious tagine or couscous, while you sip a well-deserved mint tea.

After dinner, if you wish, there is an entertainment around fire with a Berber music. It is always a moment to treasure.

The next morning, wake up to a splendid sunrise that lights up over the sand dunes just like in a dream. Breakfast will be served bread, butter, jam, cheese and tea.

The lunch picnic is generally a salad, decorated with tuna, sardines or other, accompanied by Moroccan bread and followed by a dessert.

Option A: 7 Days

Departure: 4pm from M'Hamid
Return: 10am to M'Hamid

Day 1: M'Hamid

photo Depart M'Hamid, the last village before the desert, through the palm grove. Bivouac, dinner, evening around the fire overnight in tents.

Day 2: M'Hamid » Erg El Arada » Ruins of Sidi Bousnina

After breakfast, you start en route to the Erg El Arada and then the ruins of Sidi Bousnina, where the camp is installed. You relax and enjoy the moment.

Day 3: Ruins of Sidi Bousnina » Erg Ezzahar (Dunes screaming)

Leaving the ruins of Sidi Bousnina for Erg Ezzahar Dunes or screaming. Bivouac in a beautiful place, tagine, evening and night ambiance in a tent.

Day 4: Erg Ezzahar (Dunes screaming) » Ait Ounabgui » Erg Smar

The camp packed, the road continues to Ait Ounabgui and Erg Smar, where the new camp is installed.

Day 5: Erg Smar » Erg Ait Ounir

You leave the Erg Smar for Erg Ait Ounir. Bivouac, rest, evening around the fire and overnight in tents.

Day 6: Erg Ait Ounir » Bivouac

Start your journey back. You're headed to the bivouac of the first evening, where you will spend one last night in the thousands of stars.

Day 7: M'Hamid

Farewell to the desert and return to M'Hamid.

Option B: 5 Days

Departure: 8am from M'Hamid
Return: 6pm to M'Hamid

Day 1: M'Hamid » Race Nkhal » Sidi Naji (a marabout)

photo You leave at 8 am M'Hamid towards the Erg Ezzahar. After lunch Race Nkhal, you take your walk to the dunes and Sidi Naji said the place of a marabout. The camp is set for the night. Dinner, evening around the fire and overnight in tents.

Day 2: Sidi Naji » Hamada » Erg Ezzahar (Dunes screaming)

You cross a small Hamada (desert rock) and arrive in a magnificent dune landscape. In late afternoon, you reach Erg Ezzahar or screaming Dunes. The decor is sumptuous. You are at the top of the highest dune to admire the sunset. Bivouac in this beautiful place, tagine, evening by the fire, night in tents.

Day 3: Erg Ezzahar (Dunes screaming) » Lhdibate » Erg Smar

Leaving the dunes screaming for Ldhibate. The camp is located in the Erg Smar. The cook prepares the bread and baked in the sand, traditional way. Couscous and night under the starry sky.

Day 4: Erg Smar » Bougarn

You leave the Erg Smar for Bougarn where the last camp is set. Last evening of the thousands of stars.

Day 5: Bougarn » Lbour » M'Hamid

From Bougarn, you return back to M'Hamid with a lunch break at Lbour.

Farewell to the desert and return to M'Hamid to 6pm.