Hiking Jebel Toubkal - the Highest Peak of North Africa 4167m

Toubka (also known as Jebel Toubkal) is the highest peak in Morocco and North Africa. It peaks at an altitude of 4167 meters, yet is only 65 km south of Marrakech. The impressive mountain is a Mecca for many trekkers for both the challenging climb and the promise of magnificent views of the Atlas range. Conquering the highest summit of North Africa is a uniquely satisfying experience.

Day 1: Marrakech » Asni Imioughlad » Tacht 2200 m » Tizianeimlil11

Depart early in the morning from Marrakech to the village of Imioughlad (1400m), where we collect our equipment and mules. We cross the village of Imioughlad and continue to the Tacht Pass (2200 m) where we can pause to enjoy the views of the nearby valleys. After Tacht Pass, we descend to the village of Tiziane and spend the night.

4.5 hour walking/ vertical gain of 600m , descend of 300 m

Day 2: Tiziane » col Teouti (24000m) » Tizgui (2 250m)

Rising early in the morning, we leave Tiziane and begin our climb towards the Teouti Pass through a forest of green thuriferous. After crossing Teouti Pass, we descend to the picturesque milling village of Tizqui.

6 hours of walking / vertical gain 800m / descend of 400m

Day 3: Tizqui » Tougdalt (2700m)» Tamsoult (2250m)

Today we pass through the wild landscapes of Toubkal. Starting on an easy path to the plate of Tazaghart, we meet the local Berber herds and shepherds. The long descent (app. 2 hours) through the Thuya forest is an Eden of exotic trees - such as juniper and cypress. Upon entering we encounter the gorgeous valley of Toubkal - a landscape to be appreciated with a relaxing meal and a rest to revive from the walk. We continue ( 2 hours) along the rise to the point of Tamsoult (2250 m).

6 hours of walking / vertical gain of 600m and descend of 900m

Day 4: Aziz Tamsoult (2250m) » Aguelzim (3400m)

Through the next wild landscape we will advance very gradually - in the direction of the collar of Tzikkert with a bend towards the refuge of Lepiney (a small valley and a source of water - Toumllilte). We then commence our ascent to the peak of Aquelzim (3450 m), which involves a multitude of traversed turns. This type of rise enables us to reach the peak with less physical stress. At the halt rest we admire the sight of the top of Toubkal, "the Iron Triangle". Long descent towards the camp at Toubkal.

6.5 hours of walking/ vertical gain of 1.200m and descend of 300m

Day 5: Toubkal Summit » Imlil (1750 m)

stunning-view-from-ourWe wake at 4:30 AM for an early departure to avoid the heat of the rising sun. Depending on the time of year and the conditions on the mountain, we may climb in snow using cramps and special gear - but technical difficulty is minimal. Three hours average to the summit. The efforts of the climb are rewarded by the satisfaction of having climbed 4167 meters and, of course, the spectacular view. An awesome moment never to be forgotten. Descent is via another path (Ikhibi) along which we will see the remnants of an airplane which crashed twenty years ago. Return to base camp and continue to Imlil. There we shall stop to pay homage to the famous healer of Sidi Chemharouch, a local saint known to cure disease. A great number of people come to consult this living saint. Late in the afternoon, we will arrive in Imlil and set camp.

7.5 hours walking/ vertical gain of 1000m and descend of 2500m

Day 6: Imlil » Marrakech

Depart in the morning to Marrakech. Estimated arrival by 2 PM.